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Kaye-Dee are UK suppliers of Swiss manufactured Teca-Print tampo printing
equipment, with a wide range of machinery. Kaye-Dee is ableto supply through-
out the UK and Ireland all types from open ink well and sealed pot machines to
rotary tampo printers and systems.

Together, Kaye-Dee and Teca-Print have gained an excellent reputation for service
and back-up of the machines. Kaye-Dee, for the first rate response to customers
and the technical department's skills, and Teca-Print for the guaranteed long life
of machine and robust construction.

Tampo printing is a process that has developed rapidly over the past 20 years
helped by the use of silicone rubber tampons as a print medium. The tampons
are made in a veriety of shapes and the non-absorbent silicone surface ensures
superb colur transfer. The tampo printing machines ensure repeatable high
definition décor, pictures or lettering onto uneveven or curved surfaces as well
as a wide variety of substrates.

Tampo printing is a intaglio process. A flat acid-etched steel plate, the cliché
is filled with ink. A smooth elastic tampon made from non-absorbent silicone
rubber picks up a layer of ink from the cliché and transfers it onto the substate.

Tampo printing example

Tampo printing offers individual solutions for printing onto different shapes and
surfaces for example: wood, ceramics, glass, plastics, metal, wax, paper,
leather etc.

Tampo printing is very versatile and flexible, many objects can be printed on without
much preperation needed. Teca-print machines are very user-friendly, even untrained
personnal can operate them after very little preperation. Kaye-Dee will be glad to help
you with any complex and innovative printing projects, so contact us on
0114 2560222 or email info@kayedee.co.uk.

TPS 101 Tampo printing machine

Tampo printed sample

Tpe150 Tampo Printing machine


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